Movie Review: Lakshmee
by Raju Alluri

This movie is a good entertainer, combining key ingredients of V. V. Vinayank and Venkatesh films. You get reasonable loads of family sentiment and considerable amount of V. V. Vinayak-style Action sequences. Add to this, you have a very good camera work, appropriate casting and good screenplay/editing.

The first half of the film may leave you with a feeling of overdoing from the lead actor and sometimes, the lead actor's logic may seem to be not fitting in place. However, the second half will bring lot of sense to those otherwise nonsense sequences and also the doings of the lead actor. This is where the movie succeeds in being a director's flick.

The songs are picturized very well on the two goodlooking female lead actresses. The audio fails to make an impression though. The only exception is the song Lakshmee Bava, Lakshmee Bava, ninne pelladatha, which is a treat to watch as well as to hum. Rest of the songs are more like a noise.

Despite having not that many good audio numbers, I would say the movie is saved by the background score (special thanks credited at the begining to Mani Sharma.) It provides ample support to the characterization and key sequences.

The family sentiment in the storyline, except for the threads that invole lead acresses, resembles very much that of Chatrapathi. However, this movie looks very different, thanks to the key threads of story involving the lead actress and the flashback of the lead actor.

Comedy thread involving Shakuntala and Venumadhav has not much to add to the story, but okay overall. Sunil's character gets a serious touch closer to the end. He did his role very well as usual.

A nice oneliner I could remember from the movie: Kottataniki Status akkarledu. Stamina kaavaali. That pretty much summarizes what to expect from the action department.

Sans the blood and gore in a few scenes, this is a very good family entertainer and crowd puller. This movie is likely to be a commercial hit.