Movie Review: Main Hoon Na

Let me start with a set of heuristics so that you can decide if you can watch this movie or not. If you have liked at least two of the following scenes from the classic Bollywood movies, then just buy the ticket and settle to watch the movie. Another way of saying the same thing: if you are in the age group of 30+, and have seen (and liked) Amithabh as an idealistic angry young man fighting for a cause, then you will definitely like this movie. If you are younger, you get to watch the same theme with better filmography techniques and current day casting.

If you want glimpses of the story, rather read the reviews at sites like rediff or indiafm. My review is just for fun, and to highlight what I still remember from the movie, about 4 hours after watching the movie. If you have already seen the movie, just read further for a revision.

Overall, I liked the movie, so did rest of my family members, including my two kids. If you just want timepass, go to this movie. If you want to see a masterpeice, just stay a few miles away.

If you are expecting a "typical" SRK movie, then you are wrong. This is NOT a SRK movie you have seen in the last decade or so.

I liked the imitation of Matrix technique for a comic cause (I got the same feeling when I watched "Shrek" for the first time.)

I liked the way the end credits are shown. For those who haven't seen the movie yet: Don't get off your seats untill end credits are over.

I felt that at some places, the script defies logic entirely. Like the reason for Jayed to take so much time to reach the place of the final fight, even by a helicopter. BTW, why is he in the helicopter in the first place? Hey, but this is a typical Bollywood movie, and we better stay away from logic.

If you liked the imitation of Disco in one of the songs in Kal Ho Naa Ho, then you will be Rock-ed this time.

During the interval, just buy bunch of food, like popcorn. You really need it.