Pallakilo PelliKuthuru (Telugu)
Audio Review by Raju Alluri

One good thing about Keeravani is that he delivers very good audio even for small budget films. Do you remember albums like Evare Athagadu? I feel he is more of a new director's gold mine, to get a kickstart by a hit audio album for a movie.

This is precisely what Suchitra Chandrabose (choreographer-turned-director, wife of lyricist Chandrabose) got here in this album. She is directing a film for the first time. She got K. Raghavendra Rao as the Mentor-Director for this movie. She got Keeravani as the music director. And then she romped in none other than her husband for lyrics. By doing so, she already won the first set of the match.

I always like audio albums that present a diverse set of songs, rather than those that just dump 4-5 duets in a single tone and add one or two sentimental songs. This is probably one of the reasons why I liked this album.

The album starts with the title song Pallakilo Pellikuthuru Rani la vundi sung by Balu and Chitra. This song will be remembered for quite some time for good lyrics and music. This is probably the best song of the album, with quite a few other songs finishing very close in the race.

The song Nuvu pre, nenu ma, maname prema sung by Charan and Nitya Santoshini made me laugh initially. The lyrics started as if someone used a LISP (a programming language I used somewhere around 1990) based string operations on a duet. But the tune and voice (even the lyrics sounded fine as I listened to it more and more) made me to listen to this song many times.

Rain songs are part and parcel of telugu movie audio history. So we have got this song Sa oka chinuku, Ri oka chinuku, ga oka chinuku maintaining that tradition. This song makes me recall various other rain songs from the past.

Do you remember the teaser from the movie Pelli Sandadi that goes like Ramyakrishna laga vuntada? Well, you have got a similar song here, by the same music director. The song Naa peru cheppukondi meelo evaraina teases you (not really you, but the hero I guess) to guess the name of the female lead. The last 5 seconds of the song made me loose the excitement and suspense built for the rest of the 300 seconds. Nonetheless, this is a very good song from the voice of Sunitha.

Keeravani the singer always surprises me. The last decent song on Saree is from Pelli Pustakam (Sarikrotta cheera oohinchinanu, saradala sariganchu neyinchinanu.) Now we have got a song on the same subject, but with much more high aspirations ;-) about saree (The wink is because I am a little irked by the comparision of the importance of Indian Saree to that of Indian Flag). The lyrics of the song Cheera loni goppathanam telusuko are not as poetic as the one from Pelli Pustakam. But Keeravani's voice very nicely presents these words and makes it a very hummable song.

In addition, there is a duet in the album, but I am not personally very impressed with the song. The song is not at all bad, but when compared to the rest of the songs, it simply pales.

The recording quality is good. The stereo effects are very good.

My suggestion: If you like decent songs, just buy the album. You won't regret. This album has all the ingredients to make it a very big hit, provided the movie is good enough.