Letha Manasulu (Telugu)
Audio Review by Raju Alluri

Yet another decent album from Keeravani this season! This album also needs some special mention due to a very rare characteristic, which I will mention in the later text.

The overall sumamry I can give for this album is 'Decent.' The actual commercial success of this album depends on how the songs will be picturized and how the movie fares with audience.

Bhuvanachandra penned the lyrics of the song Kanulakela yerupu rangu buggalake chaalule with utmost simplicity. However, the more you hear the lyrics, these words spell a magic on you. Take this snippet for a sample: ela... ela... chilaka gaari alaka theeradam ela.. Needless to say, this song depicts the way the husband tries to pacify the upset/angry wife. Keeravani's voice is his usual best in this song.

On a side note here: I always wonder how the anger of a typical movie heroine (towards her husband) lasts only for about a song. By the time the song comes to a closure, the pair gets into a decent agreement. I hope real life will be so easy as the reel life, but I never dared singing. I know (rather well understand) the limitations of my voice ;-).

Bhuvanachandra penned lyrics for a couple of more songs. Sreeya Ghoshal's voice for the song kur ku kooru for sure is more of a liability than an asset. She couldn't break the words in the right way in an otherwise very nicely penned song. This song for sure will bring you back some great memories of childhood, especially if you are born and brought up in a typical village.

Keeravani and Sadhana Sargam sang Aanaati mana chelimi. The song gets elevated to above average level thanks to the good tune and Keeravani's voice. Sadhana Sargam is okay in this song. The music of this song reminds me some great compositions of the past by Saluri Rajeswararao etc. A better choice of the female singer would have made it a very great song.

Sunitha's voice in the title/background score Letha Manasaa... is very decent. This recitation for sure brings an identity to the movie by becoming a very hummable background score. This score is used in the movie promos extensively.

Keeravani penned the song Tholi Tholi Korika. This is a typical duet with the voice of Tippu and Madhusri. A decent number.

Now let me tell you about the rare feature of the best song of the album. Howmany times do you see the music, lyrics and voice of the same person for a song? The song Thannana Thannana Enadaina Anukunnana is penned by Keeravani and is sung by Keeravani and Chitra. This makes it a very rare feature of the song. The lyrics appear as if they flow as smooth as the water in a river. Take this sample: Ninna monnati chelimi dooram ainatte ayyi mallee manakosam thirigosthundani Or this: Gadiyaram lo chinna mulle paruge theese pedda mullugaa... Very apt use of simple words, and add the great voices of Keeravani and Chitra to resonate the right feeling.

It is good that S.V. Krishna Reddy finally gave up giving music, lyrics etc. for his movies. He can now concentrate on the actual movie and let the professionals do the job!

After listening to this album, I felt that a better choice of female singers would have made this album a great hit.