Audio Review: 


Probably the most disappointing audio album starring Venkatesh in recent times. I thought Ramana Gogula would do better after a long innings break. But this movie wouldn't help him come out of the string of audio failures for his high budget ventures. The music is very ordinary, just depending on beats that are monotonous (I often wondered if these are straight out from a song bank of yamaha keyboard.) There was a potential to make a couple of songs super hit, but that opportunity is simply lost by sticking to the music director's unusual style. Even the otherwise good singers couldn't make their impression.

Don't want to spend time and bandwidth by giving details of individual songs.

NOTE: If you happen to buy the album, pay attention to the last track by D.J. GOGS. If this is the nickname used by the music director for his non-movie activities, then he probably found a suitable avenue for him.